Weddings & Whimsy are a resource for both couples and event planners.
We offer rentals either from our portfolio or custom made, unique designs for hire or purchase.

We specialize in providing handcrafted, or customised, one-of-a-kind pieces to make an event truly ‘pop’.
Our designs are tailored so they incorporate within our clients’ overall styling vision.
Our personally created decor accessories range from marquee style lighting, signage, individual letters, backdrops, pergolas, candy carts, furniture, props, fabrics, right down to the smaller details.

Conception & Design:
We LOVE hearing our couples or locally based event planners ideas.
We relish taking the basic concept and developing, testing and ultimately bringing to life the vision!
From years of experience with destination event planning we understand that flexibility is key; so can make pieces for hire or purchase.

Delivery & Pick-Up:
Based in Santorini we are perfectly located so that couples or event planners don’t have to worry about travelling with or shipping that unique item to the event!
Personally available we make or hire, deliver, install and check and collect which means our clients can rely on us.


Image Credit: Lars Lehnebach.

Bespoke hand written signage offered!!

This particular range commissioned by Stella & Moscha as part of their overall planning and styling.