Proposal Setups

What better way to propose to the one you love than with a unique, ‘outside of the box’ STYLED set up?

Together we can create for you that once in a lifetime, NEVER to be forgotten moment when you’re here in Santorini.

We’re not talking a restaurant proposal here, but something with that little bit of an edge…

Imagine an intimate, romantic driftwood canopy where you can offer up that oh so special, oh so personal message you’ve decided you’re ready to give!
Surrounded by candles, cushions, oriental rugs, looking up at the open sky whilst sipping on champagne next to the very person you will spend the rest of your life with.

Or at one with nature, whilst still enjoying the breathtaking caldera view… experiencing a priceless moment in time that will stay with you forever.

We can bring this to life for you and help you plan that totally “YOU” proposal!

Contact us today to find out more!!

Romantic Beach Set Up:  Video shot by the very talented “I DO FILMS GLOBAL LTD”.