Happy New Year!

What does this New Year mean for you?

For us here at Weddings & Whimsy it’s a time of freshness.

An opportunity to embrace researching the wedding trends for this forthcoming season and looking for ways that we can incorporate them within our styled creations for destination events here in Santorini, Greece.

We couldn’t help creating even during these festive holidays!

Not only our personal tablescape for our intimate home celebration but also our intentions for how we would be bringing in 2016.

If you are getting married or planning an event for this year we are so happy for you!!!

We hope that maybe your dream will be to have your event here in Santorini; just imagine how amazingly wonderful that would be!

For everyone out there we wish you joy, love and happiness for 2016.








About WeddingsandWhimsy

A passion for nature, outside space, open skies and the wildness of the ocean were contributory factors that led us to change our lifestyle and embrace Greek island life. With its combination of dramatic scenery and popularity for destination weddings and events, Santorini provides the perfect backdrop and inspiration to allow us to create the pieces that we do which we can offer to couples or their local event planner to accompany their overall styling and event vision.